With UNIGIS, students can take advantage from a strong global network that is dedicated to deliver online, life-long learning programs in Geoinformatics around the globe since 1990. Eight partner universities in Europe, the United States and Latin America collaborate as the UNIGIS International Association with partners in the GI-industry and other institutions, including ESRI, Oracle or the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). These cooperations allow UNIGIS to offer free educational licences for all major GIS software packages.

As one of the founding members of the UNIGIS International Association, the University of Salzburg has offered distance-learning programs in Geoinformatics since almost three decades. Today, UNIGIS Salzburg delivers its programs in three languages, German, English and Spanish. The English-language programs are offered directly by the University of Salzburg, as well as in cooperation with study centres in India, Nepal and Central Asia.

Students and alumni, who graduated from UNIGIS Salzburg, stay connected via the ClubUNIGIS. Once enrolled to the program, students can benefit from this growing network of GI-professionals right away. Apart from a number of educational offers, discounts and services, the true added value of a ClubUNIGIS membership lies in the network itself: more than 3000 GI-professionals around the globe are part of the UNIGIS Salzburg community.

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