UNIGIS Salzburg students & alumni worldwide a.k.a ClubUNIGIS is an international GIS-Community of 800 active students and more than 2,700 alumni, who graduated from UNIGIS Salzburg. This global network in Geoinformatics encourages the communication, fosters the exchange of news and ideas and offers discounts and services.

The membership to ClubUNIGIS automatically begins with the UNIGIS studies and is a life-long offer to all alumni after graduation free of charge. With ClubUNIGIS, students and alumni stay connected, keep up-to-date with the trends in Geoinformatics, profit from discounts, and are eligible to sign up to UNIGIS life-long learning offers.

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UNIGIS Alumni & Students Worldwide Network – Discounts and Services

UNIGIS alumni have the life-long and exclusive right to sign up for optional modules. This offer is popular amongst alumni to keep up-to-date with new trends in Geoinformatics and advance knowledge and skills in a broad range of topics.

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u_Lectures are presented by invited speakers from academia, the GI industry, public administration, NGOs and other actors in the field of Geoinformatics and GIScience. Available primarily to UNIGIS alumni and active UNIGIS students, this online lecture series serves as a professional and academic ‚updating‘ opportunity within a generic ‚lifelong learning‘ framework.

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The GI_Forum at the University of Salzburg provides a platform for dialogue among geospatial minds in an ongoing effort to support the creation of an informed GISociety. Bearing in mind different perspectives from a variety of professions, presentations, workshops and exhibitions will concentrate on innovations in education, science and technologies, in the spatial domain and their possible contribution to a more just, ethical and sustainable society. GI_Forum runs concurrently with the highly regarded German language conference on Applied Geoinformatics – AGIT. The two symposia share the innovative AGIT EXPO exhibit and stimulating social events.

Once a year, UNIGIS students and alumni enjoy the opportunity to meet in person. The ClubUNIGIS Come2gether has established as a popular side event of the Salzburg GI-conferences GI_Forum / AGIT in early July each year. In the relaxed atmosphere of an informal lunch meeting, participants catch up with colleagues of the same intake, students benefit from the experience of alumni and lecturers are happy to discuss their topics.

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